Full-Time Clothing Room Supervisor - Pleasantburg

Summary / Purpose of Position: To oversee the clothing room process and ensure successful production of clothing, linens, shoes and purses and that quality merchandise is ready to be put on the floor for the customer in a timely and organized fashion. Success is defined by both a level of quality and at the same time make sure to fulfill specific quotas in quantity in clothing production.

Essential Duties and Responsibilities:

  • Treat all customers and fellow employees with respect and care
  • Supervising the clothing room in the processing procedure and ensuring that each employee of the clothing room is meeting expectations
  • Maintaining the floor organized and color coordinated and the racks full
  • Ensuring that the pulling is done weekly and no area looks too barren
  • Responsible for the store when the manager or assistant manager is not present
  • Handling each situation in a Godly and professional matter
  • Lead the devotional and prayer time in the morning in the absence of managers
  • Have a willingness to share the good news of Jesus Christ, give a personal testimony and pray with/for those served by the ministry
  • Other duties as assigned by the supervisor

      Core Attributes and Expectations:

  • Display a Christ-centered life demonstrated by a willingness to show acceptance and serve others.
  • Work efficiently and manage time in order to meet production needs as well as other assigned tasks.
  • Show motivation and ability to take initiative in daily tasks and operations.
  • Exhibit good work habits in attendance and punctuality.
  • Treat customers and co-workers in a kind, respectful, and professional manner.
  • Show respect for the integrity of the workplace through honesty and responsibility.
  • Demonstrate a willingness to learn and an openness to new ideas and changes.
  • Follow all safety guidelines.

       Supervisory Responsibilities:        

  • Supervising the clothing room in the processing procedure and ensuring that each employee of the clothing room is meeting expectations
  • Experienced preferred but not required


  • Education or equivalent experience: High School
  • Years of experience: preferred but not required
  • Specialized training required:
  • License/Certification: none
  • Other:


  • Be followers of the Lord Jesus Christ expressed through a personal profession of faith and Christian conduct
  • Agree without reservation with the Doctrinal Statement of the ministry.
  • Since the church is God’s vehicle of spiritual accountability, it is important that employees be an active participant in and in good standing with a local Protestant Church.  They must comply with the requirement of their church, in areas of conduct not addressed by Miracle Hill’s expected practices
  • Have a passion for evangelism and the spiritual welfare of all served by the ministry to include: clients, volunteers, customers, contributors, and staff.
  • Demonstrate spiritual maturity commensurate with the requirements of your position.
  • Christian conduct encompasses the biblical principles of humility, integrity, and compassion to guide us to act professionally and ethically at all time.  Miracle Hill Ministries understands that we have all fallen short in our past but the employees are expected to practice Christian conduct at Miracle Hill including:
    • Abstain from the use of illegal drugs or the inappropriate use of medication.
    • Abstain from activities or addictions that have a detrimental effect on clients or the reputation of the ministry.  According to the teachings of Romans 14:13-23, we are to keep from becoming a stumbling block to those within the ministry who make be apt to addiction.  It is important to exercise biblical discretion by restricting your freedom in public to include: use of addictive substances such as alcohol or tobacco, choice of literature, and the choice of entertainment.  It is important to demonstrate sound judgment that is based on biblical principles that display evidence of spiritual growth and maturity.  (Titus 2:11-12).
    • Relationships, particularly with the opposite sex, are above reproach. 
    • Live free of sexual sin (to include pornographic materials, homosexual conduct, and extra-marital relationships). 
    • Respect the sanctity of life from conception until death in God’s timing
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