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  • is the only major job board that uses video and voice
  • saves employers thousands of dollars in HR and recruiting fees
  • helps you increase the speed and quality of new hires
Legal Zoom

"If small businesses are the engine of job growth, is the engine oil - reducing friction and improving efficiency in hiring."

- John Suh, CEO

Global Environment Fund

"Empowering candidates with video and voice is the future of hiring. is at the forefront of that change."

- Jeffrey Leonard, CEO

Common questions, answered.

  • Q: How long does it take to set up an account?

    A: You can set up an account in less than two minutes! Simply answer a few questions and you're all set.

  • Q: How is my data secured?

    A: Security is one of our top priorities. Your data is housed in state of the art data centers located throughout the USA and allow us to have over a 99.90ptime.

  • Q: What types of jobs are prohibited from being posted on

    A: Please see our terms of use for more information on acceptable and prohibited postings.

  • Q: Can I post a job anonymously?

    A: Yes, employers can post jobs anonymously.

  • Q: Are recruiters able to use

    A: Yes, recruiters are able to use

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